Community driven coin

Wherever you want to go, we will go. This is a core tenet of what we do at Anubicoin, and will continue to be the way we operate. IF you want us to list on a centralized exchange, we will. If you want personalized wallets, we'll make them. We will do everything in our power to make sure the community prospers and that we all get to the moon and beyond.


Why Anubicoin?

Anubicoin is one of the fastest build cryptocurrency communities, with over 50,000+ initial investors within the first week.

We are a community that believed in the premise of a coin that's not just another coinomics fork. Our team is solely comprised of people who were victims of the original developers.

We all have a stake in making Anubicoin grow and prosper.

Our goal is to not just see the development team, or the management team, or the marketing team on the moon; it's to have everyone there.

What makes Anubicoin different is the amount of involvement that the community plays in our currency.

All major choices are dictated by and for the community, not at the behest of the development team or senior members. Every holder, no matter how small, will get a voice in the community; in how it grows and in how we prosper.


Why does community involvement matter?

There is no currency in any known space where the community has one-hundred-percent absolute involvement.

Any and all actions the community takes, whether it be on applying to a Centralized Exchange, or applying for specialized certifications, the community will dictate our next steps; not market conditions, not a major investment opportunity, not large stacks of cash- the community.

The community is at the heart of what we do at Anubicoin, and that tenet will never change. Community involvement means you all get to have your voices heard, and ensures you all have a part in everyone's success and growth.